Friday, July 16, 2010


Good morning everyone out there, i've decided to blog after so long of leaving this blog dead here. Its a friday morning and i aint at school, nice. There're some ceramah thingy going on and i'm sort of lazy, and lazy always explain everything! dont you think so? i doubt its gonna be a waste if i went to school.

So, hari terbuka its on next friday. Thought its today but well, seems like they've change? or its just a rumour. I've no choice but to tell mommy about hari terbuka. Hmmp "/ not a very bad thing though.

I've not been studying for quite awhile though, and i feel stupid. I gotta work out all my studies again from NOW on but i bet i'm gonna lingering around here and there before i could do so.

I think that's all for now. There's so much to tell but I'm blank "/ guess my brain is not functioning again? or its just words cant describe. :)

OH OH, and glory glory Spain! *big big smile!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


school holidays begin. and exam's over! good thing huh?!

so yeah, gonna crave for movies for this holiday. movie time :D

there's nothing i could blog about. there isnt anything in mind. will keep this blog update soon. real SOON.

Monday, May 31, 2010


ayesha, its for you!!

31st of May

okay. i cant think of a title. wookay, whatever it is. like seriously time flies. and here we go, the last day for may. its actually a good thing for us that's taking exams for 2 weeks. and its finally almost the end. had my chemistry paper this morning. it wasnt that bad until i've to squeeze my tiny brain out! so ya.

anyway, there's no paper for us tomorrow. so its a good thing that we could stay home and continue burying our faces to those books on the rack. 3 more days and everything will come to an end! thumbs up!

by the way, i'm looking for some chocs to do a friend's favour. imported chocs? hmm, will figure it out soon and will get it done after exam's over!


Monday, May 24, 2010

I need to do this!

wookay! since i've negelected this blog of mine. i'll just give it a update since i've not been doing it for so long. AND A to yesha, ayesha has been asking when am i gonna update as i had promised her for some time.

most of us are having the mid term exam. so yea, i'm supposed to study by now but well, i've not touch the computer for quiet some time too. we've already been through a week of exam. and these is the second week. did my moral paper today. its kinda easy and kinda hard. i'm not sure which is it.

having addmaths tomorrow. addmaths. hmm. lets hope that i could do it. i'm having zero knowledge for physics. i seriously gotta go figure it out!

nyway, i'm disgusted by them. *shiver!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

finally one!

neglected for a month or two! been quite lazy, busy and tired!

okay, so?! what now?

firstly, there will be a freak family in school. but that's great! though everyone's retarded!
secondly, mid term will be on the 18th of may! very near, so we shall all die :D
thirdly, i'm supposed to study but ended up here. will face them later, tonight.

too many stuff's going on so yea. not gonna list them all down though. anyway, everything's moving on and going well. so dont screw it :D

that's all for it la! too lazy again >.<